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    Wins vs Loses

    To say this has been a crazy week would be an understatement! From last Wednesday to today, I have been insanely busy and still processing everything that’s going on. It makes for one tired momma! It has been a week of wins vs loses but I’ll count the loses as learning experiences.

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    The Bike Rider

    Do you have a summer activity checklist for your kids? I thought about making one but then realized that Landon’s summer is going to be all bike riding! Just this year, he became a Bike Rider (he is 9). Of course, my anxiety got the best of me for the last few years about him not wanting to ride his bike. He just genuinely didn’t have interest in it at first, then I think he became embarrassed. And the story goes…

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    Struggling on this Fitness Journey

    I am struggling on this fitness journey. For the most part, it’s just the food that I am having issues with. I swear my relationship with food is just awful and I am having a hard time breaking bad habits. In my mind, I feel like it should be so easy. Reality is completely different and this is so hard.

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    2018 Kid’s Rock Marathon

    After participating in Running Club and the St. Jude Kid’s Rock marathon last year, Landon was so excited for the 2018 race! As soon as his elementary school opened up Running Club registration, we did it. The school also requires kids to register for the Kid’s Rock Marathon so they can run it together as a large group. Every Tuesday and Thursday after school, the kids will all go practice at the track to build their endurance. After a couple weeks of practice, things changed for Landon though.

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    The Beginning of Combat SFC

    Getting Combat Science Fighting Championship (Combat SFC) up and running felt like it was a long time coming. Joe has been into martial arts for about 26 years! He was a fan of the UFC before most people even knew what it was. You know, way back when things still came out on VHS tape. With Joe’s knowledge of the sport, contacts from years of being around it, my newly found freedom and office experience, we decided it was a perfect time. Honestly, I have been loving almost every minute of it!

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    Festivus Games Recap

    This past weekend, I competed in my second Festivus Games. I wanted to do a quick recap of my experience; partly for myself to look back on and for you guys who may have never competed before. It’s not only about the day of but more about the prep and the mindset going into it.

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    Food Review: Cactus Pears

    OUCH! Landon picked up one of these prickly little cactus pears at Publix a while back. After I made him put it away, he kept telling me that something was hurting his finger. No wonder either because there was a thorn in it. Today, when I was looking for a new food to review, he was adamantly against this one. I did it anyway. Might as well face your fears, right?

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    Accountability Check-In!

    Toot! Toot! Yes, that is the sound of my tooting my own horn. Accountability check-in time! This week, I lost 3 pounds and an inch and a half. I think that it is so important to celebrate our wins.  We tend to beat ourselves up over our mistakes and overlook our accomplishments. I came off such a bad week; there is no way I was going to mess this one up. I did my best to take notes so I can repeat it over and over again. Hopefully, I will reach my goal in a timely manner.

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    How I Plan to Fight Easter Cravings

    Easter is only a couple of days away! Do you have a game plan to stay on track and avoid cravings? I didn’t until yesterday. Honestly, I wasn’t even thinking about it until my CrossFit coach asked in our Facebook group. That was a wake-up call for me because I never have a plan for the holidays and I end up waking up the next day feeling heavy and disappointed in myself. Can you relate? I came up with a plan instantly and I think it’s a simple one.